Xabsi - Jailbreak for iOS 17

Xabsi is the best iOS 17 Jailbreak and 3rd party app store in the world. You can download Jailbreak apps, themes, tweaks, hacked games/apps, tweaked and modded apps from your iOS 17 beta or iPadOS 17 beta using Xabsi.

Xabsi is one of the best Jailbreak solutions if you have upgraded your device to iOS 17 beta.

Unfortunately, iOS 17 Semi untethered Jailbreak is not available at this time. But don't worry. You can install so many Jailbreak features to iOS 17 using Xabsi.

Pangu8 is the most popular Jailbreak information website and has recommended Xabsi as a best iOS 17 Jailbreak store on their iOS 17 Jailbreak page.

How to install Xabsi?

Follow this step guide to download and install Xabsi 3rd party / Jailbreak app store for iOS 17 devices.

Step 01 - Tap the download button from your device safari browser.

Step 02 - It will check your device compatibility and automatically redirects you to xabsi installation menu.


Step 03 - Tap on “Install Xabsi”> Allow. Profile will be downloaded to your device settings.

Step 04 - Tap the profile from your device settings. Then tap Install > Enter Passcode> Install > Done.

Step 05 - Now you can find the Xabsi app store on your device homescreen.

Why Xabsi special

  • It is the 1st iOS 17 Jailbreak / 3rd party store

We have upgraded Xabsi for iOS 17 beta before everybody else. Now you can install almost every function of Xabsi to iOS 17.

  • Tons of Jailbreak features

You can install tons of Jailbreak apps, tweaks, and themes for iOS 17. Also So many Jailbreak apps , Hacked games, apps, app stores are available with Xabsi

  • Compatibility

Xabsi iOS 17 Jailbreak store is compatible with all latest iPhone models, including iPhone 14, iPhone 13, iPhone 12, iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone Xs, iPhone Xs Max, iPhone Xr, iPhone X.

  • Install tweaked and modded apps

You can install so many tweaked and modded apps ( iOS 17 compatible non-Jailbroken) using Xabsi. Each modded app has included each exclusive feature.

Here are examples.

Facebook modded - There are no sponsor posts. You can download videos directly.

Clam modded - All premium features are available for free

iOS 17 ++ includes the virtual Jailbreak - You can download iOS 17 ++ virtual web OS ( as an app) to your iOS 14.6 beta. You can Jailbreak this iOS 17 ++ virtually using Unc0ver, Checkra1n, MarronJB and install web-based Cydia.

This Cydia allows you to install apps (a limited number of apps) directly on your iOS 17 running device.

Jailbreak IPAs available

You can download almost all popular Jailbreak IPAs such as (all list) directly from the Xabsi store.
You can use these Unc0ver and other (very popular list) IPAs to jailbreak your device online without using Windows or Mac computers.

Unfortunately, you could not Jailbreak your iOS 17 running device using these Jailbreak IPAs.

Following Jailbreak IPAS are available with Xabsi.


All of these Jailbreak IPAs and apps are not compatible with iOS 17.

Install Jailbreak app managers

You can install the lite versions of the popular Jailbreak app manager ( Cydia / Sileo) for iOS 17 directly.
Cydia and Sileo allow you to install a few Jailbreak apps, tweaks and themes.


Xabsi allows you to install an awesome emulator collection for iOS 17 without Jailbreak.

The most popular emulators are EveryCord, GBA4iOS, GC4iOS,Geraboy, GearSystem, Happy Chick, iNDS, iSSB, iTansmission, Mame4iOS.


You can install a beautiful iNifty theme collection for your iPhone/iPad. No need for iOS 17 Jailbreak to install these Xabsi themes.

Non Jailbreak tweak

You can download 100s of non Jailbreak tweaks for iOS 17 such as Weather, Open Maps, New Music Playlist , Download MP3, Get Directions, Instagram Tags, Dictate Tweet.


Filza is the most popular file manager for iOS devices. It is beneficial if you are interested in game hacking. You don't need Jailbreak to install Filza for iOS 17. But Unfortunately, you need Jailbreak to get full access to the iOS file system.


Download torrents from your iOS 17 device. Background downloading is also supported.

Update to iOS 17

It is still in beta stage. At that time if you do want to download the iOS 17 beta you should be a Registered developer with a paid account and then you can download iOS 17 developer beta to update to iOS 17. Otherwise you have to sign up for Apple's Beta Software Program as a public beta tester. When you enter your Apple ID and password while agreeing to the terms and conditions you can get started enrolling your Apple device. Once you're part of the program you can download 17 public beta island update to iOS 17.

When it's released everyone can update to iOS 17 going through the Settings > General > Software Update.